Thanks to everyone who supported "Rio Inspired & Jazzanova" on the 25th of July, 2016.  

Thanks to the speakers for their inspirational and lighthearted stories. It was a pleasure to perform in Beco das Garrafas, the birthplace of bossa nova.

All proceeds went to Street Child United, an extremely worthwhile cause which protects homeless children and provides a platform for their voices to be heard:

British expatriate, Amit Ramnani, hosted this memorable night of music and storytelling.  The charming bossa singer, Fabiana Mendes, and musical all-rounder, Jeremy Goddard, joined forces and provided a variety of mellow and funky vibes throughout the night. 

Speakers - Julia Michaels (US)  Dave Fogelson (US)  Mauricio Savarese (Brazil)  Richard Sobkiewicz (Canada)

Headliner - Joe Hewitt (UK) spoke about the Streetchild project and how it has changed the lives of many children.

Haley Velletri hosted the raffle and helped us to raise additional funds, giving away several exciting prizes, kindly donated by local businesses and individuals.